Kauai Beaches

Looking for a good beach somewhere on the Garden Island? I’ve got you covered!


Sunset on Haleakala

One of the most popular activities for Maui visitors is a middle-of-the-night drive to the summit of Haleakala, a sunrise viewing, and then a bike ride down the mountain. I have seen some glorious photos of the view, and many friends gush about how this is their best experience on Maui. I’ve been to Maui…

Barkada Road Trip: Punta Fuego

A barkada is a Filipino term for a group of friends. Usually the composition is pretty static (with the addition of people’s significant others) and there is a certain implied closeness and intimacy. So, this is not your Tuesday trivia meetup group nor your work colleagues, though you may have some colleagues in a barkada along with other people.

The first weekend of my visit to the Philippines, my high school barkada went on a day trip to Punta Fuego.

5 Best on Hawaii’s Big Island

I’m an island girl, I thrive in the tropics, and Hawaii is as close as we get in North America. I love Hawaii. Beautiful beaches, delicious food, several islands with all sorts of different activities… what’s not to love? My friends Zach and Nici just returned from a vacation in Kona, which caused a strong…

24 Hours in Isla Mujeres

I spent last weekend, quite unexpectedly, in Cancun. Specifically, for 24 hours, I was in Isla Mujeres. Here’s how it happened: my boss told my team on Friday that one of us needed to go to Cancun for work the next week. Someone from our team had been working remotely with the team there, but for…