California Quinoa Salad courtesy of Damn Delicious.

Tasty Thursdays: California Quinoa Salad

Hi all! It’s summer, and a time when it’s just too hot to be in the kitchen making casseroles or even cooking on the stove top for longer than a few minutes at a time. That means salads. Which is complicated by the fact that, well, I don’t actually like salad.

Alice crepe from The French Bakery, with blurry almond croissant and macarons in the background.

Tasty Thursdays: French Crepe

David and I went thrifting last Saturday. It was his idea–he’s been on this eco-friendly kick lately (well, he always has). Now that it’s summer, he wanted a pair of nicer shorts to wear to work, and he only had heavy cargo ones. But he doesn’t want to buy a new pair of shorts, because doing…

Tasty Thursdays: Crispy Noodles

I love noodle dishes–there’s something so comforting about pho, ramen, chicken noodle soup, and the like. The tasty broth, the slurpy noodles, being able to wrap your hands around a warm bowl… so good. But what if it’s warm out, and having a hot noodle dish only makes you sweat? Enter crispy noodles.