Japan: Itineraries

I’d like to wrap up my Japan series by providing some itineraries based on my experience. There is so much to see and do, so please note that these are just suggestions. So many things can change your plans: getting on the wrong train (never happened to us in Tokyo, but happened a dismaying amount throughout Osaka and Kyoto),…

Dining in Tokyo

What’s the food scene like in Tokyo? One word: delicious.

The main hall of Senso-ji

Senso-ji, the Asakusa Temple

If you only have time for one temple in Tokyo, this is it, no question. Senso-ji is grand, and if you time it well, you can see its dramatic beauty both during the day and at night.

A pedestrian path lined with groups of people picnicking under cherry blossom trees.

Ueno Park

When visiting Tokyo in the spring, Ueno Park is a great spot for sakura viewing. Even outside of the cherry blossom season, this popular city park is full of interesting sights.