Swiss Museum of Transportation: Planes, Trains and Automobiles!

The Swiss Museum of Transportation is a fun and interactive way to spend a day in Lucerne.


The Beautiful Structures of Luzern

Why did we decide to visit Lucerne? We wanted to see the mountains of Switzerland, the pastoral postcard-perfect beauty of the land. Of course, it turned out that we wouldn’t see the mountains anyway, and despite that,¬†there was much more to Lucerne than we had expected. Snapshot: Dates visited: April 26-28, 2014 Base of operations:…

Uetliberg: The Best View of Zurich

The city of Zurich is picturesque, even from the ground. The Limmat River, Lake Zurich, the Alps in the distance all contrive for a¬†postcard perfect view. There’s a way to see it all and the city itself as well: climb Uetliberg, the highest mountain in the area. No, you won’t need your ropes and carabiners…

From Bangkok to Ko Samui

When you think of Thailand, its beaches are probably among the top things you want to visit. There are two island groups that are the most popular: the Andaman coast islands (among which are Phuket, Krabi and Ko Phi Phi) and the Gulf coast islands (Ko Samui, Ko Phangan, Ko Tao).

Bangkok: How to Get Around

I’ve mentioned before how David and I are such a great team when traveling. One reason for this is that we complement each other, for instance, when it comes to getting around. I have no sense of direction. I can’t tell east from west, north from south. It was a considerable achievement for me when,…