Robinson Crusoe Island fire dancing

Life on Robinson Crusoe Island

When you’ve chosen to “maroon” yourself on a 31-acre island for 3 days and 3 nights, how do you spend the time? We got the chance to find out when we booked a stay at Robinson Crusoe Island Resort in Fiji last October. 

I am an immigrant.

When I first left the Philippines, it was September of 2005. My grandmother had been in the US since the 70s and petitioned my mother, and us, by extension. By the time it all worked out, I was 18 years old, just about to turn 19. I remember the months leading up to our departure. Carefully…

Robinson Crusoe Island Resort

After exploring Fiji’s mainland and enjoying a day trip to a private island, it was time for the most relaxing part of our Fiji trip. We had booked three nights at Robinson Crusoe Island Resort. What would this castaway experience be like?

Maui Bamboo Forest Waterfall Hike

This is my favorite hike in the world. Of course, that’s not saying that much… after all, I’m not an avid hiker. But it’s a moderate hike with some challenging moments and huge payoffs: five waterfalls!

Japan in the Time of Cherry Blossoms

It’s been over a month since I returned from the “Far East.” Yes, it has taken me that long to recover, return to normal life, and prepare to tell you my stories. The greatest challenge has been how to write about Japan. My previous trips have been fairly straightforward–since we usually visit a few countries at a time, I basically…

Blue pill or red pill? Photo by Hector Garcia

Coming Home

Coming back after a trip is always so difficult, isn’t it? “Reality” always seems so drab compared to the glorious time you were just having. Have you seen the Matrix? Here’s a reference that explains how I feel: traveling is the red pill. You go where your interests lead. You are challenged by your environment, and you…

Tasty Thursdays: Japanese set lunch

I’m posting on the run as we prepare for another day so this will be quick. I’m in the middle of my Japan trip… what have I not loved here?! Guys,  Japan is amazing. The people are kind and friendly, the sights are beautiful and strange, and the food… well. I haven’t had a bad…