On Words and Language

Language is fascinating. It can tell you so much about a person, or a people. Speaking English gets you by at many airports, but knowing some words in your destination’s language can certainly help your travel experience.

Robinson Crusoe Island Resort

After exploring Fiji’s mainland and enjoying a day trip to a private island, it was time for the most relaxing part of our Fiji trip. We had booked three nights at Robinson Crusoe Island Resort. What would this castaway experience be like?

Fiji Island Cruise

Everyone says that when you visit Fiji, what you really want to do is travel among its many islands. Unfortunately, for an archipelago, there are not a lot of easy ways to travel along Fiji’s waters, usually requiring one to travel back and forth through Nadi. Though the islands seem clustered close enough to each…

Happy new year!

It has been five weeks since my last post. Life got unexpectedly busy and something had to give… and unfortunately it was the blog. Since we last talked, here are the things I did: Edited a book, from concept to completion. It wasn’t that long, only a little over 6000 words. But this was the…

Sabeto Mud Baths and Hot Springs

One of the most unusual attractions in Fiji is a short drive away from the airport and the town of Nadi. It might seem strange to visit a hot spring in Melanesia, where the temperature is warm and balmy year-round. But with purported therapeutic properties as well as cosmetic thanks to the mud, why not visit…

Exploring Fiji’s Nadi Town

Bula to Fiji! The capital of the 330+ island archipelago is Suva, on the eastern part of the main island of Viti Levu. However, you may never even see Suva–your first encounter with Fiji will probably be Nadi Airport and Nadi town.